Customer Service Week - Ideas For Employee Training and Showing Customer Appreciation

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Customer service week is the first week in October. It is an ideal occasion for training staff on customer care as well showing your customers and clients that they are important. In order for employees to be able to fully care and attend to customers, a few things are important. First of all, if the work atmosphere is difficult due to gossip, poor communication with management and co-worker rivalry then this makes the staff stressed. When this occurs, this often translates into poor customer service. Evaluating the ambiance at work and thinking out ways to improve communication between staff and management, minimize gossip and reduce unhealthy competition can make people more relaxed at work.

Often family or financial problems can make an employee stressed in the work setting. There should be a way to connect with anyone that works for you so that they know there is someone they can speak to when they are under a lot of pressure. You can refer them to the eap program or providers for counseling if it looks like an ongoing situation. However, many times just being able to talk about something at work to someone can relieve excess worry or resolve an issue. Finding a way to have open talks with people you employee will make him or her feel appreciated and they'd also put more heart into work.

Sometimes customers can be rude and training on ways to deal with this without losing one's cool are important. It also can be useful to see if there is any truth in the customers' complaints. Is there too much red tape someone has to jump through? Are the phone waits too long? Is there a long line that is very frustrating in the place of business? Are there problems with the products or services that are not being addressed? What can be done to reduce these types of problems? If there is a common complaint made, be honest and see if there is something that does need to be changed to reduce this problem. If customers are angry, it will make staff uncomfortable which can result in a similar attitude, resentment or fake smiles.

Prepare for customer service week by training your staff on ways to deal with their own stress and difficult situations with clients and customers. During the week itself, celebrate with your employees with small gifts, food breaks and activities. Also let your customers know that it's customer week and have something set up such as drawings, free booklets and puzzles. A puzzle piece is the logo of customer service week. Have healthy snacks set up for both staff and customers.

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Give something meaningful to employees and your customers during customer service week. Getting a Stress Reduction Booklet with practical tips on using breathing, humor, yoga and meditation is something meaningful that enhances daily life that people keep. Stop by for stress reduction tips to use in challenging situations.

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Customer Service Week - Ideas For Employee Training and Showing Customer Appreciation

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This article was published on 2010/03/29