Implementing a CRM Strategy

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Implementing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategy can seem very difficult and quite confusing at first and even more so for the larger companies but it doesn’t have to be. With careful planning and the use of a cross-organizational team your strategy will be perfectly implemented with very few problems. Using a systemic approach and a team of individuals to implement the strategy you will have a business system in place that will last for decades and will provide your company with some significant benefits as well as advantages over the competition.

The first step to implement this strategy is to pull together a team that will provide the support and get things up and running in their departments. Each member of the team should be a leader of their department and should know all of the ins and outs of that department. You will want to ensure that every department in your company has a leader as part of the cross-organizational team. You will just run into problems if you leave out any of the departments and things could get quite confusing if you need to pull someone in from a left out department later on. Having this team in place is going to make the transition to the new strategy much easier for other employees to manage. This team is also going to bring in support from each of your workers which is very important to have when you try implementing anything new.

The next step for implementing the CRM strategy is to ensure you have the support of all top management workers. This will also ensure that your implementation builds momentum and gets the job done much quicker than it would if you were fighting people throughout the process. Marketing from within through to top management is also going to show the lower level workers that this new implementation strategy is going to happen and that they need to be ready for it as well. By having high level employees endorse and market the idea of the implementation then everybody will know it is happening.

Once those two initial steps are taken care of you are going to need your cross-organizational team to begin deciding on what areas of the strategy should be implemented first and how to go about doing it. They will each have specific time frames to get everything implemented and up and running smoothly. They will also have specific goals and will need to provide feedback to ensure that the next implementation stage goes smoother or just as smoothly.

Once all of the stages have been implemented it will be time to provide your employees with in-depth training. During the implementation stages they would have had a chance to become familiar with the chosen software. The in-depth training should touch on the technical side of things but if your cross-organizational team did their job well it will not be a significant part of the training.

At this point everything should have fallen into place and the CRM strategy should be running smoothly. The company should also be noticing some major differences in the figures they are seeing in regards to the number of customers they have and the number of customer complaints. Constantly checking results and ensuring employees aren’t slipping back into old habits is going to be the key focus from here on out. 

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Implementing a CRM Strategy

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This article was published on 2012/04/26