Top Cleantech Events 2012

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Cleantech has begun taking the world by storm.  This trending topic is being seen across the globe through a number of new exciting initiatives as well as a growing portion of venture money going to fund new Cleantech platform and projects.  With the world of clean technology and innovation continually growing, the need for information about this industry is growing as well.

The world of clean technology can be divided into many different areas.  The term “clean technology” encompasses many different areas, ranging from different forms of renewable energy, such as solar, wind, hydro, and thermal, to topics on water management and waste pollution.

Some top cleantech events for 2012 are ones hosted by Cleantech Group.  Cleantech Group puts on events such as the Cleantech Forum San Francisco, which focuses on clean technology as a broad subject.  Another frontrunner in cleantech events is Greentech Media.  Their more specialized Solar Summit 2012 event to be held in Phoenix, Arizona in May will focus solely on solar energy.

These events are valuable learning tools, as well as opportunities for networking with top industry professionals and investors.  Through these events, connections can be made and ideas can be shared.  One problem facing the global Cleantech platform the ability to simply find out about upcoming events, and where events specializing in your desired field are being held.  

It is through companies like Skipso that this problem is being solved.  Skipso’s websiteoffers a continually growing database of the top global Cleantech events (chekc out the top 100 Cleantech events for 2012). This website allows people to search for events by geographic area, as well as their desired topic or type of event.

Currently proudly housing over 820 cleantech companies, CleanTECH San Diego is becoming a powerhouse cluster.  Within this cleantech cluster are different companies specializing in different areas of Cleantech, including Biotech, High Tech, Research Institutes, Transportation, Biofuels, Solar, and others.  As if this weren’t enough, this thriving metropolis of a clean techie’s haven is constantly bringing about thousands of new jobs. 

Cleantech clusters like CleanTECH San Diego offer a diverse array of stakeholders within their growing networks.  In doing so, they are creating a network not only of people, but also ideas.  It is through these collaborating efforts that new ideas and innovative goals are sparked.  Cleantech clusters are very beneficial, but are sometimeslimited by their cluster’s geographic location, and therefore only interact with other cleantech companies within their cluster.

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Top Cleantech Events 2012

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This article was published on 2012/04/12