What Would a Customer Service Professional Do? They Get to Know Their Customers

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A Professional knows everything there is to know about their Customer. Wow! This must be an eye opener for some of you, right? If this seems new to you, I must ask, what are you doing in Customer Service? Don't they have an opening somewhere for a cat litter box technician?

Ok, so how do I get to know my Customer? You ask.

When you are working in a 1to1 situation, this is easy. Hopefully, you are the person meeting and greeting, asking qualifying questions, listening, confirming, offering solutions, reconfirming and following through. (This is a very important series of steps, often referred to as Active Listening).

If so, you are in a perfect position to ask other questions of your Customer, like "Mr./Ms. Customer, is there anything else that I can do or that you wanted to have done while you are here?" or "Mr./Ms. Customer was everything completed as you requested?" or "Mr./Ms. Customer, during your visit with us today/while working with us today/while you were here was there anything that you wanted/needed/wanted to buy that we did not have?"

It's kind of addicting once you get started. You start asking questions and next thing you know, everything you need to know about your Customer is right there for you.

But wait, there's more!

Other questions, the tough ones, are as follows. "Mr./Ms. Customer, on a scale of 1 to 10, how did you find our service/phone/process/me as your provider today?" or "Have you ever referred our services/product/people to any other person?" or "Have you referred our services/product/people in the last 2 weeks to someone you know?" and "What would you say specifically makes you come back and use our services/product?"

These are tough questions that most Customer Service personnel don't get in the habit of asking for themselves. And, if you don't ask, how can you get better? Or, get to know your Customer?

The best questions are ones that are friendly and inquisitive without being offensive or provocative. It's a skill that is perfected through trial and error, a willingness to ask and a true desire to know your Customer.

If you are in a 1to1 fast paced, one time, one use environment, it is more important to follow the core Customer Service steps mentioned earlier.

(Hint: Active Listening)

You are probably not going to be building a long term relationship with your Customer because you are seeing different Customers in every transaction. Your corporate identity is building that relationship and driving qualified traffic to your location. Your job is to provide the service in a warm, friendly manner.

Bottom line, the more you know your Customer the better you provide Service.

Be Professional.

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What Would a Customer Service Professional Do? They Get to Know Their Customers

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This article was published on 2010/04/01