What Would a Customer Service Professional Do? They Take the Time to Respond

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What would a Customer Service Professional do? A Professional takes the time to respond. In previous articles this was addressed as part of Active Listening, yet this really is a skill set on its own. It requires you to think, to plan, to consider before responding. When you take the time to respond you include all of these elements. Why? Why do we need to do this? Because canned scripted responses do not get it done folks.

They are designed to be used as a framework in which you use key elements of the script in your own way so that it doesn't sound canned or scripted. Scripts are foundations. Foundations for taking the material in a script, using your brain (you know, that gray matter stuff you keep in your brain housing case) and craft a response that is timely, thoughtful, reasonable and respectful.

They were never designed (IMHO) to be used verbatim over and over again once you get the hang of responding the way you are supposed to. It's called Professional Customer Service.

If you have a Customer Service person (I'm not using the word Professional here) that has worked as a Customer Service Representative for longer than say....a month...and they are using the same canned scripts over and over without thinking (WITHOUT THINKING HE SHOUTS) about how they are responding to the Customer, I got no love for you baby! Seriously, how sad is this scenario?

You need to get out of Customer Service! You are making it a bazillion more times difficult for Professionals to undo what you have done. Do us all a favor, find a new job...like.... light bulb inspector or something. And if you are using the same old script over and over again, delivering it with the same ol' "enthusiasm", how mechanical is that? How does that sound to your Customer after awhile?

Ask yourself this question, if YOU don't want to call into a company and be scripted by someone who has not taken the time to learn the basic foundation and language to craft a reasonable answer and respond in an appropriate manner, what makes you think your Customers do?

The Professional who takes the time to craft a response that is timely, reasonable, and thoughtful is a lost and dying art in Customer Service. And one that should be grown and encouraged, nurtured if you will. By the way, it takes a desire to be caring in order to be reasonable and thoughtful. You can tell those people who are not by their level of caring attention to the Customer and of course, their Attitude towards their work, their co-workers, Life etc....
Taking the time to respond shows the ultimate respect for your Customer. It tells them that you are capable and ready to handle all of their business while responding to their requests.

Not taking the time to respond will result in lost sales, lost faith and trust and what's that other thing you lose...oh yeah, YOUR BUSINESS! Be Professional.

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What Would a Customer Service Professional Do? They Take the Time to Respond

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This article was published on 2010/04/02